Doctors for Freedom

We are a group of doctors, practitioners and healthcare workers who are committed to every person’s right to make their own healthcare decisions.

We believe the power of the individual to make decisions about their healthcare supersedes the power of any government, business, or other entity.  Based on their medical choices, no patient, medical professional, business owner, employee, family or individual should be mandated, coerced, forced or shamed into limiting their access to commerce, assembly, employment, healthcare, public places, etc. Our group holds this belief in common and is not constrained by political affiliation, religion, gender or race,

Currently, Doctors for Freedom is focused on our Oregon initiative to remove the State of Oregon’s mandated requirement to vaccinate all healthcare workers by October, 18, 2021.

We believe this is an illegal and onerous violation of our human rights. We are working in concert with Health Freedom Defense Fund and encourage you to help defend your right to practice healthcare according to the dictates of your conscience.

Note: We are currently pursuing our litigation strategy and need your ground swell of support!

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